Mobilize your business

As a company, are you interested in investing on an ad hoc basis in the projects and activities of Save Them Young Orphanage, are you looking for a long-term partnership or do you simply want to know more? We are here to discuss it.

How to contribute?

We are a team available and open to discuss together a collaboration that suits you; our forms of partnerships are multiple and flexible, the investment is sustainable through the strategy adopted in the management of our projects.

Whether your interest is in financial sponsorship, sponsorship in kind or sponsorship of skills, we can together visualize the approach you wish to adopt.

Why contribute?

Being aware of the positive impact that NGO-Business collaboration represents, not only for our beneficiaries but also for the society in which we live more generally, it is important to us to make our partnerships visible.

We are in a collaborative approach, which means that our patrons hold a special place in our ecosystem and we value the lasting relationships that we can develop, on a small as well as on a large scale.


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