Save Them Young Orphanage

Save Them Young Orphanage is a children’s home that provides care for orphaned, abandoned, and neglected children. The orphanage was created in 1996 by Rev. Dr. Colleen Opoku Amuaben and her husband Rev. King Opoku as a non-governmental, non-profit organization.

Our History

Founder's dream

Save Them Young Orphanage, founded in 1996 by Reverend Doctor Colleen Opoku Amuaben, is a privately owned, non-governmental, orphanage. The aim is to give children who have been denied by their parents and society a home.

Save Them Young Mission is a home for the destitute, pregnant teenagers, children living with mental disabilities, missing children, children who have been trafficked and rescued, juvenile criminals, spiritually unstable and throw away babies.

Although we can not do all by ourselves, we can’t say NO and try our utter best to Put A Smile On A Child’s Face.


Save Them Young Orphanage, is a Non-Governmental organization whose aims are to reach out to the underprivileged, school drop-outs, street children and teenage mothers and train them to have a viable vocation in order to support themselves and become productive members of society.

The aims of Save Them Young Orphanage are:

To resettle the displaced and homeless youth and train them to have a viable vocation to enable them to fend for themselves and their family.

To build a modern recreational center with a library facility to keep the youth occupied.

To have a site for a rehabilitation center.

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Create and promote a healthy lifestyle among young people and to encourage the youth to research and learn about HIV/AIDS and other health-related issues so as to build their knowledge leading to a healthy lifestyle.

Promote social and moral values among the youth.

To foster and enhance family values by focusing on friends, family, and preparation towards marriage.

To promote sporting and physical activities for the youth.

To promote local and foreign friendship incorporations to enable youth to understand and appreciate global issues especially those that affect the African Continent.

To promote sound environmental practices, such as environmental cleanliness and restoration of environment.

To advocate on issues that affect young people.

To equip young people with relevant skills as to make them independent.

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